Friday, October 31, 2014

Day 1 - Busan (Haeundae Beach)

It’s my first time to visit Seoul as my birthday getaway as cheap flights were available back in February. We managed to book the airline tickets for RM750 per pax, inclusive of 25kg luggage. With our itinerary planned for the trip, we are ready to visit our much anticipated country {{{(>_<)}}} Although we had some hiccups to the trip initially whereby D only renewed his passport a day before our trip, only to find out 3 days expired upon checking in online @.@ Apparently, you cannot travel overseas with a passport that will expire within the next 6 months, not even afew days before 6 months. Thank God he can collect the renewed passport on the same day after waited for 7 hours plus, just before they closed at 10pm, and despite their system down. Phew!~

The next morning, we were all geared up and headed out to the airport. We planned our flight to arrive at 2pm so that we could check-in at that time. Theoretically, it is a good plan as we will have at least half day of Sunday to explore. However, when we reached there, it was raining for full day _ Despite the temperature being around 19 degrees and raining, this did not deter us from exploring further as we stopped for photos around Haeundae beach. 

Upon checking in our hotel at Cloud 9, we started off with an authentic Korean dinner at this cosy Korean restaurant we found in one of the side streets.

Our cosy little room with friendly service. They even provide FOC laundry service ∩__∩y

Haeundae market & best BBQ pork Kr restaurant 

Every meal in Korea comes with a lot of side dishes*^^*

Loving their green veggies and kimchi bean sprouts so I even asked for a refill ^_^;

I ordered my all-time favourite kimchi soup and it's served in this heated stone pot.

In Korea, we had to cook our own meat. So, we grilled our marinated pork and it was superb!

Once we were done with our meal, the waiter suggested that we poured tea into the Stone-pot to signify the meal is delicious. It is just one of the most classic ways to finish up a Korean meal  ~*.*~

After the sumptuous meal, we were eager to stroll around Haeundae beach to enjoy the night view. 

I was tempted to shop around as the shops were still opened at night but ended up in an ice-cream shop instead. We were given some exotic seasonings such as curry, wasabi, garlic, green tea, herbs, salad etc. to spice up the ice-cream flavour. I gave curry salt a shot and it was not too bad actually {{{(>_<)}}}

My raspberry ice-cream with a hint of curry salt and D’s mango ice-cream with wasabi and garlic flavours *eeewwwwww* 

That’s all for Day 1 Korea trip. Good night! Stay tuned for more of our Korean adventures, my shopping haul, foodie post... and breathtaking Korea views!!!  


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Holland trip- Day 5

We went to Belgium on our next day and since we just wanted to tour around Bruges, so we opted for a more economical way by taking a train which costs Euros75 for a two way trip and it’s around EUR$34 per person for 1 way trip. It took us 4 hours to reach Belgium and we took around half day to tour around. And these trains were very frequent, up to 4 times in an hour!

We reached Antwerpen Centraal, one of the most beautiful stations in the Belgian city.

I was impressed by the architectural and design of the historical station ~

Upon reaching Belgium, we took a shuttle bus to tour around instead of horse cartridge which costs a bomb. It took around 30-35 minutes to tour around, and the shuttle is available every 30 mins with the driver acting as tour guide along the way.  

I took a picture of the shop with all sorts of cute knick-knacks ^^v

It was a really nice sight in the historical city, but too bad we were not allowed to drop off so there were only few pics.

Stop for some light refreshments =)

We even visited an art museum and spotted some unique and attractive artwork.

The Markt (Market Square),

We entered a chocolate shop which caught our attention.

The irresistible Belgian chocolate Xxxx

We ended up with a handful of chocolates ranging from green tea cream to pistachio filling choc *yummssss*

We just walked around Bruges and didn’t go to other cities as we were rushing back for the last train. 

Last photo before on the few hours we spent in Brugge, Belgium ( ^_^ )

We were just right on time for dinner as we head back to town for our Indian cuisine :)

It's a wrap for 2013! More trips to come in 2014 ^^ Happy New Year  (´`)**



Sunday, October 13, 2013

Holland trip- Day 4

On the next day, we opted to tour around Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands. Upon stepping out of Central Station, we immediately noticed the difference as there is no cutesy flowers or windmills but shining silver skyscrapers and harbours around us. The city is much modern compared to Eindhoven.

As soon as we arrived at the Centraal Station, we followed the signs to the VVV, inside the main station. The station is huge compared to other stations we’ve been to. However, it does not sell 1-day tour city tickets and we were directed to the tram station (across the way) where we need to join the traditional queue to purchase our tickets instead.

While we're waiting for our tram to arrive ^^ 

Spotted a cute girl who hid away from my camera lense #^.^#

Our traditional hop on and off tram finally arrived ∩__∩y

We got ourselves a 1-day ticket, for 7-Euros ^^

The impressive architecture which is unique in its own way @_@

We stopped at one of the location to explore the place. To our delight, we spotted a rare chocolate shop hidden in the street. As soon as we entered the Chocoholic store, we were seduced by the amazing scent of chocolate, and greeted by a warm smile. 

The shop although slightly hidden in the city, offers everything that a chocolate lover will want. There were a variety of chocolates namely chocolate truffles, bonbons, chocolate boxes, chocolate sprinkles and their very own homemade cocoa mix. And you could see how they were making their chocolates! The almond chocolate caramel is my favourite! We noticed that their chocolate milk is creamier and thicker compared to the ones we bought in Belgium. 

Next, we moved up to look for our lunch. As we wanted to try some Asian cuisine to warm up our stomach, we were so excited when we stumbled upon a Hong Kong restaurant (*><*)′

Missed the heart- warming wantons and Yong Chow fried rice {{{(>_<)}}}

We continued our breezy 45 minute train ride around Rotterdam Centraal (a wonderful iron lift bridge view) ^^

We somehow still managed to spot a windmill =.=

The magnificent Port of Rotterdam ^^ Apparently, it is the largest port in Europe. We didn’t take a ride on the boat as it was too late and we were tired…

After wandering the city for awhile, we hopped on to the tram again to return to our station.

Upon return to our hotel, we strolled around for dinner and we saw this place that smelled like yummy freshly baked stuff, with long lines. The place is called Pak Doner, selling delicious Kebab. We ordered the Middle East-style breaded chicken breast and salad wrapped with pita bread for us to share. It was as good as it looks!

I ordered hot chocolate to cap off the meal and it came complete with some snacks including kroketten and frikandellen ^^ Frikandel is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog while kroketten is mashed potato filled with meat filling. Hope they are selling it here one day!

That’s all for the day before we head off to Belgium the next day ^^v


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Holland trip- Day 3

On our third day trip, we met up with Sjoerd’s parents who were happily brought us around. They were the most friendly and welcoming couple ever! After much discussion on trying to figure out what we wanted to do, we just ended up deciding to go to Kats, the rose garden as a replacement for the tulips that we missed out, Zierikzee and The Mill.

Upon arrival, we were treated with delicious apple strudel and a nice cup of hot coffee.

I even took a pic of their lovely home #^.^# 

As an avid fridge magnets collector, each of the family members has been collecting fridge magnets from different countries for years.

Posing with the couple at the entrance of Kats rose garden.

We were amazed with the large varied of roses in the garden O.o

More roses.

When nature meets art.

The artworks on display belong to the students whom compete for the modern art competition.

I just don't get Modern Art in the garden.

We knew time was short, so we set off for the famous bridge and tower scenery of Zierikzee.

 Closer view of the bridge.

Then we went on a walking tour of the town, through some quaint streets.

We drove past the storm control system, which is similar to hydraulic system. According to Peter, this system was part of a project which developed after a devastating flood in the 50’s and it took 20 years to complete in the 70’s. It is amazing to see the amount of engineering and hydraulics to ensure that the sea stays at bay.

We then went across the town and I took photos of a windmill and a mini playground at The Mill.

We eventually settled down for some tea breaks and further chit- chatting. 

Photo from top left to bottom right (Hot Choco + Cookie), Poffertjes (small, fluffy pancakes), Hot Mint Tea and Waffle. Apparently, hot mint tea is quite popular in Holland. It's usually served in a big glass, piping hot water with fresh mint leaves …I ordered waffle with loads of strawberries. Best waffle ever!

After the wonderful snacks, Peter took us on a walking tour on the beach before sent us off to the railway station. We were really thankful to Peter and Loor for taking care of us! We enjoyed our short visit so much, hopefully, they can come to Malaysia next year where we will be more than happy to bring them around  ^^

P.s: Tomorrow we are off to Rotterdam where we spent the day sight-seeing  


Monday, July 22, 2013

Holland trip- Day 2

On Day 2, we were left with a full five days to explore by ourselves because D was working on weekdays. Our starting point on the next day was Maastricht, one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.

The Buffet Breakfast at the Hampshire hotel was good. I love the Croissant and milky yogurt.

Picture at the train station #^_^#

Cam-Whore on the train ^^

Welcome to Maastricht ^.^v

We immediately see beautiful flowers. And many old buildings along our way.

Views and Scenery of the beautiful Maastricht. All the pies looked good *yummyyyy*

Our first stop was a VVV, a tourist information office. It had everything from gifts and souveniers. To our surprise, they charged Euro 1.60 for a city center map. Ohwell, nothing comes free after all~

The ever ubiquitous “Golden Arches” with blend in old buildings design. I enjoyed watching the many street performers. One of the youngest team performance, i think. 

I love all of the old buildings. ( ^_^ ) All set up for the world- renowned violinist's Andre Rieu Maastricht 2013 Concert  (´`)**

Walking around town looking at the big churches ^^

Church Interior- dark and a little spooky, in my opinion. 

Best ice- cream in Maastricht ^^ 

They have about 20 flavours of ice-cream to choose from. But what is really impressive is their chocolate assortment.

My pick? Strawberry cheese and vanilla flavor. My all time favourite ^^

From the old buildings to the churches, we came across a serene park on our way to Basilica of Our Lady church.

Meet Marley (or similar name), the 60 year-old dog… We were taken aback when the owner told us that he’s 60 years old but knowing the fact that one dog year equals seven human years or more…It’s more believable~ According to the owner, he’s now deaf due to his age and it’s normal for dogs at his age to have hearing difficulties~

We hopped on a bus that took us around the outskirts of the city.

We were kind of hurried back on board for our next train because we were starving by the time around 5pm although we didn’t see enough of Maastricht. We missed the Maastricht caves and canal cruise. Ohwell, we will definitely coming back to visit this city if we were given a chance to visit the country again!