Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 4 - Bangkok trip (Chocolate-Ville)

On our last day in Bangkok, we took our own sweet time to explore further to the outskirts… Head to the tucked away, Chocolate-Ville located @Khan Na Yao. We took an Uber there which took us 30 minutes from the city center. It was 5+ when we set out from Siam Discovery Center and the traffic was pretty bad at that time. Here's a picture of the center:-  

Anyhow, that does not deter us from visiting the popular touristy place. The fancy entrance of Chocolate-Ville – magnet for scores of tourist. Upon reaching the place, we felt like we were transported into “Disneyland”. It’s actually a unique restaurant with European-influenced and some American-countryside themed village, set in picturesque open-air dining by the river.

“Good vibes” from mini themed-park atmosphere - love the mini windmill and Russian dolls ^^

After clicking away with the colourful decos, we settled for some refreshment near the “petrol station”. I ordered coconut shaved-ice with peanuts toppings. Nice and refreshing!

Evoke different world the moment you stepped through the entrance.

This place is just perfect for pre-wedding shoot!

They even display the map, in case, you get lost! Yea, is a theme-park minus the entrance fees #^.^# 

Set in picturesque open-air dwelling by the river!~

Loving these barnyard homes <3 p="">

I can just look at the river view for the whole day...

One of Bangkok’s eateries which are designed with imagination and seamless integration between dining, relaxation & photo-worthy moments.

Seriously, you don't feel like you are in Thailand!

This picture might stir some thoughts though (U know what i mean?)


If only i can cycle here everyday hehe Yet another perfect pre-wedding shooting place ^^

Table and chairs were everywhere! This place can fit a decent 500 pax, i think!

We just can't control our hunger pang and relish in Western-food which suits the ambiance!

Some Insta-worthy photos.

We ended our trip in Bangkok at this exclusive breed of restaurant that is popular yet makes us wonder if we were in Thailand. Anyhow, our short trip to Bangkok is sheer exhilaration with nice food, great culture which is modern yet traditional and awesome shopping, of course! Hope to visit Thailand again for more discoveries and adventures. Till then, Bāy!~


Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 3 - Bangkok trip (Platinum Mall, Cabbages & Condoms (C&C) & Chatuchak market)

We were all re-charged and geared up for Day 3 trip! It was a plan-free day and we would like to take our own sweet time to shop, eat and ENJOY. Yes, it’s afterall a relaxing and happy trip!~ As Bangkok is well-known to be a shopping paradise and since we did not shopped much on Day 2, we decided to go full force by looking for the best bargains in Platinum Mall by day and Chatuchak market at night. Too bad we missed Pratunam this time round due to insufficient time. We will cover the area next time round!

Top view from Petchburi road ^.^v

There’s even a shrine at the area _/\_

Along our way, we’ve passed by Isetan outlet near the mall and there’s some hawker stalls selling some street food. We took our first bite on the yummy-licious mango sticky rice. The cooked rice mixed with the fragrant coconut milk is the perfect combo combined with the fresh mango. An authentic-tasting Thai dessert (With some sugar rush) to energise us early in the morning*^^*Amongst other stalls such as Rambutan shop, bbq pork stall etc.

We’ve also discovered some food trucks nearby the mall.

Pardon my excitement upon discovering the popular mall O.o

We started off our day in the brightly air-conditioned of Platinum Fashion Mall, just across Petchburi road. Most shops open at 11am here and mainly you’ll find women’s clothing and fashion accessories which is spread across 6 floors. The fashion here is pretty updated and as it’s a wholesale mall; you’ll find large number of shoppers trolling their huge trolley bags stuffed with clothes, shoes, bags around the mall.

You can get your loots here for a reasonable price but that does not dismiss the fact that you can’t bargain here *hehe* Ohwell, you’ll have a better bargaining power if you buy in bulk, usually three items and above. Say, I was bargaining for an Issey Miyake look-a-like bags and managed to get 2 bags for Baht 1300 which is 200 Baht cheaper (About 10% off the original price). If you get 3 items and above, you’ll probably save up to 30% per se item. Logically-speaking, it’s definitely more value if you buy more provided that some shops allow you to mix-and-match different types of items. 

After 3-4 hours of shopping, we’ve decided to settle down for a late lunch. We were looking for the ever-famous chicken rice shop around Pratunam area; Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice. 


Too bad the shop was closed, we searched for other nearby chicken rice shop and found Kuang Heng chicken rice. And so, we waited for awhile before we were seated. The humble shop exudes kind of 90’s settings; unpretentious place with real food. We quickly ordered the highly recommended plates of chicken rice and some other dishes such as chicken blood tofu and sea cucumber lookalike dish. 

Fyi, chicken rice in Thai is called “khao man kai”. We were delighted when our plates of fragrant chicken rice arrived. The chicken is juicy and tender (Don’t expect roasted chicken rice is served here) which comes with appetizing dipping sauce; a mixture of chilli, sweet sauce and garlic. The chicken broth compliments the meal to-a-tee.

In no particular order, here’s a picture of my cup of tea #^.^#

Our meal costs a decent Baht 370 for 3 plates of chicken rice and 3 plates of side dishes. Definitely worth every penny and calories as well (´`)

With nothing much to do, we headed back to the mall to explore further. At night, hubby promised to bring us to a fancy restaurant. I was quite thrilled as for the past two days, we didn’t have time to try out some unique and exotic restaurants. To my surprise, we were brought to one of the most unique restaurants in Bangkok: Cabbages & Condoms (C&C); a condom-themed restaurant. Upon entering the place, you’ll find some statues made from condoms and adorned lightings and walls decorated using condoms as well. The place exudes kind of funny vibes which will give you goosebumps!

The mastermind behind this non-profit organisation is Mechai Viravaidya, who is also dubbed the Condom King. They even sold a bibliography book of his background and his relentless dedication towards AIDS/HIV prevention.

A manifestation of art or fashion? 

Nevertheless, we had a light-hearted time giggling away and admiring the mannequins.

They had both al-fresco dining area and indoor restaurant. We prefer to tuck in the indoor area due to many mosquitoes at the outside area. 

Various “condom-inspired” devices cum deco & family planning posters were on display. Even, the table was creatively decorated as well.  

Their menu offers authentic Thai food and do keep alookout on their slogan if you happen to visit the restaurant! *Guarantee chuckles* We ordered simple Thai food that night such as steamed sea bass, Thai fish cake, pandan leaves chicken etc. 

Overall, we were satisfied with our dinner and was more impressed with the ambience of the restaurant. Truly salute the passion and effort the owner has put in to make the public view family-planning in a different angle. Afterall, food has made it much easier for people to understand. Aside from that, no doubts, we loved the colourful, intriguing and eccentric ambience. Enjoy!

Goosebumps again!~

Before we called off the day, we went to Chatuchak night market (Also known as Jatujak or JJ Market) to look out for some knick-knacks as souveniers and street food as supper to munch on. To our disappointment, most of the street food stalls were closed so we’d just walked along the stretch of stalls which mainly sell clothes. The market was so huge that they even divided it into various sections which stretch up to 20 sections with different type of items sold for each section. Mind you, the best time to reach JJ Market is in the morning as I presumed most of the clothes or eateries stalls are open.

That's all for a tiring but happy Day-3 expedition ! ^.^v