Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 3 - London trip (Stonehenge, Roman Bath & Covenant Street)

Checklist for our first 2 days London visit: 1) Rivers – check. 2) Bridges – check. 3) Cathederal – check. Next to check is the mystical stone monument Stonehenge. It was a road trip today! We hopped on a bus to take us from London to Stonehenge which took us about 2 hours. 

We were all excited to get to see the iconic monument and were thrilled when we caught our first glimpse from the road, which is located just off the main road.

After a quick stop at the Visitors Centre to purchase our tickets and taking our brekkie, we hopped on the shuttle which took us 10 minutes ride to the monument. We were mesmerised to see as the bus moved closer to the pile of stones which came from up close. It was incredible to see the 5,000 years of history right in front of us and we were in awe to imagine the history behind the mysterious stones. 

Up close to one of the seven wonders marvel!

We even had a mini-debate on the mystery surrounding Stonehenge as to where the giant stones came from. How they got to the side? What was the purpose they were used for? There were resources saying that it was a burial ground, a solar calendar, an ancient healing site or closest theory that we had is that it was created by alien as a spacecraft landing pads. Oh well, no one knows for sure where the giant stones came from, meantime, we were snapping away with photographs (From every possible angle) which gives them a certain mysterious allure.

The monument was protected by a roped off path and we were required to follow a circular path and the bus only allowed us an hour to marvel on one of the seven wonders. We were given an audio guide for the duration of the visit and mind you, it’s not my vintage walkie-talkie or handphone. A user-friendly audio-visual guide that allows us to learn more on the history of Stonehenge.

As our full day package costs around Eur150 per pax including trip to Roman bath and the ticket prices to Stonehenge were relatively expensive as it involves bus ride, touring around the stones which last for an hour. Overall, we had fun posing at the fringes of the stones.

Happy Stonehenge poses!

Next up is the historical Roman bath – re-ignite that feeling of Roman beauty and the god-and-goddess alike experienced back in centuries. After the 5,000 year old of historical monument stroll, we continued to explore the 2,000 year old Roman’s wonder waters which is a unique experience and memorable visit to Bath.

Atop the grand cathedral I had my first view of captured here.

The elaborate carvings blew us away with its intricacy and elegance although it may appear abstract but the artist that created these artefacts was amazing.

Mind-boggling sculptures and ceramics.

There were wet and dry steam rooms and hot baths, sauna and swimming pool, tepidarium; and audio guide to aid our adventure.

We took a break and set up a garden party with a delicious spread for lunch and settled for London favourite food (Pizzaaaa!) 

Some nice photos to wrap up the day! #^_^#


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Day 2 - London trip (Tower Bridge, St. Paul cathederal, Bourough market tour, London Bridge & Tower of London)

Today we travelled to eastern part of London. Can’t contain my excitement as the “real” part of London journey begins. The city that fascinates me with its amazing cityscape and impressive architecture. At a distance, the skylines (The Shard and St. Mary Axe) exude a sense of identity and strength for the city. Can’t really believe that the iconic buildings are now come to live with my own eyes {{{(=.=)}}} I love the way the city blends classic with modern architecture! <3>

We took off to Tower Bridge – one of the famous tourist attractions. The area is a mixed of old and new buildings of the 11th Century along with the iconic buildings such as The Shard and St Mary Axe. Not to be confused with “London Bridge”, Tower Bridge is a little further down to River Thames.

Let our family expedition begins!

I had my first few views of captured here - building behind is St Mary Axe 

And may i present to you The Shard

Can't get enough of Tower Bridge photo #^_^#

Group posey shot with the iconic buildings! ^.^

Open-concept office with a view of Tower Bridge (How cool is that?)

It’s a lovely thing to sit on the colourful benches and enjoy the unparalleled views.

This Tower Bridge fascinated me with its classic look. 

Can’t resist a #deepinreflection shot!

A view along the Thames – the water made a wonderful view!

Our next move is food hunting of course?! Bourough market - A quaint little street market with irresistible food! You’ll be spoilt with the choices of food here. Everything looked so tempting, we were really having a fun time snacking around and NOTE: Don’t arrive at the market with an empty stomach, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to eat – ranging from Paella, cocktail mixtures, fresh seafood, cheese, cold cuts, roast hogs, fudge, Baklava and they even had pad Thai! O_o

Best sausage ever!

Matching my pant colour with the restaurant for some candid snapshots!

CaffeNero - You can get your caffeine-fixed as they can be found at every nook and corner.

The elaborate carved church frontage with its intricacy.

Can't resist the big and juicy strawberries  (´`)*

We completed our historic visit by visiting Tower of London. There are some truly spectacular historical buildings here but what I like about the place is the Royal London morning tours! The private guided tour explained the history behind this fortress of imprisonment and torture which leads us into the world heritage site. P/s: With British humour added in well *winks*

This one looked particularly awesome so I snapped it!

The place was bustling with crowd.

Reignite that feeling for the luxury nobility experienced in years past.

With nothing much to do, we then head to watch some musical shows. One show that captured my attention was STOMP performance as I recalled my college peers used to perform a similar show in one of our annual night and it was unique back then. So, without hesitation, we bought ticket to watch the much anticipated show of the night. The STOMP cast uses everything from brooms, garbage bans, trashcans, matchboxes, grocery carts, and Zippo lighters to create fantastic rhythms that get. The performance just blew us away. The immensity of the performance and each of the mini-show was nailed to perfection. I was awestruck by the Zippo-lighter session. …(_;)…

That's all for a tiring but fun Day 2. The views and among others were eternally captured in my memory as we view London in completely unique way. More pictures to come for a historical beauty city!